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Chelsea Li

August 13, 2020

Chelsea is currently a consultant for the World Bank Jakarta office. She received her Bachelor’s in Economics at the London School of Economics and then Master’s in International and Development Economics at Yale University. Learn more about some of her favorite experiences working at Alariss:

Q: What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

Definitely the podcast! We were trying to come up with new ideas for our WeChat public account and I had this idea that we could do a podcast series since just having articles might get boring over time and podcast seems more interactive. I brought this up with Camilla and Joyce and they were so supportive, so we rolled it out almost in the first two weeks of surfacing this idea! It was incredible how receptive Alariss is towards new initiatives and the speed at which we move. If there is a good initiative, why the delay? We get cracking immediately of course. And this is a great feeling, that you are not restrained by anything and can really see your projects come to fruition, usually within a very short span of time! We are now at Episode 3 of our Alariss Classroom and we’ve rolled out to not just WeChat but also Spotify!

Q: What is something you’ve learned about global business?

Not being afraid to reach out to anyone, keeping an open mind when approaching conversations and you might be very surprised to how willing people are to getting involved or just providing advice in general! Despite the gloomy economy and bleak outlook, I think people are still very keen on moving around so that spirit will keep globalisation going 🙂

Q: How has your overall experience at Alariss been?

Alariss has an amazing team of committed people who are so passionate about placing global talents in markets where they can make the biggest difference in. Human resources are always the biggest assets of any company, and Alariss helps to reduce the friction in this whole placement process. The leadership in Alariss is competent, inspiring and shows lots of tenacity, something that really stood out to me because doing business is hard but they never give up! I also like how the company prioritizes a lot of the times the experience that interns are getting, the conversations that clients are having with us despite those not being converted into sales, and sharing the knowledge with our audience free of charge through webinars, podcasts, blogs, etc. It goes to show that Alariss is more than a profit-driven enterprise – we treat every person we interact with genuinely with sincerity and value every conversation that we have. These are the things that will go a long way for Alariss!

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