• Hong Kong Baptist University

    Change is happening faster than ever, and to stay ahead, one needs to anticipate future business challenges coming from all directions.

    A cosmopolitan city linking China with the rest of the world, Hong Kong is the essential gateway through which the PRC and the global polity negotiate a common future.

    The Master of Science in Business Management (MScBM) empowers young executives and fresh graduates to leverage Hong Kong’s unique position to propel their careers. Combining a sound foundation in core business disciplines with the skills needed to succeed in the digital economy, our MScBM ensures graduates will thrive in today’s globalized business world.

    Adding to our rigorous academics approach, our innovative “Executive Development Series” immerses students in “live-learning” experiences that combine hard knowledge with practical skills, while our international exchange programme gives our students the opportunity to experience the reality of globalization in some of the world’s best universities.

    Crafted for individuals keen to become the global business leaders of tomorrow, the Programme can be completed full-time in a year. I invite you to take part in this educational journey that will equip you with the global management skills, digital insights, critical thinking and ethical standards needed to meet the challenges ahead.

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