Eric Stinehart

Eric recently graduated from Princeton Class of 2020 and is from Chicago. He concentrated in International Development in the Woodrow Wilson School and received certificates in African Studies and French Language & Culture. He loves traveling and studied abroad for two semesters in college (at Sciences Po in Paris and University of Oxford) and had international internships at a major South African bank (Absa) and a high-tech maritime data analytics startup in Israel. Last summer, he was a Summer Analyst at BlackRock in the Financial Institutions Group in NYC and then conducted field research in Ethiopia for my senior thesis which was on the topic of Chinese manufacturing investment in Africa.

1. Favorite project that I worked on: EdTech Southeast Asia Business Development – I was able to speak to numerous CEOs, Co-Founders, and leaders in this space and learn about the gaps and needs in the market.

2. Something I learned about global business: “Sea turtles” (overseas-educated graduates who return home to work) are often some of the most attractive talent in emerging markets, and are important in reversing brain drain.

3. Why I’d recommend Alariss: I had so much fun talking to business leaders in over a dozen countries across four continents and learning about what’s going on in their spaces, and probably had the most international experience possible while staying at home. Also – Joyce and Nick are awesome!