Josh Gardner

Josh Gardner

Meet Product Management Intern, Josh Gardner! Josh is a masters student in Computer Science at Princeton University where he also earned his undergraduate degree concentrating in Computer Science with a minor in Chinese Language and Culture. Learn more about some of his favorite experiences working at Alariss:

Q: What is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?

My favorite project was automating BD using mass emailing, calendly, and LinkedIn automation tools. I was able to use software tools to rapidly increase my average number of calls from 6 calls per week to 6 calls per day.

Q: What is something you’ve learned about global business?

I learned how to source leads rapidly. I already felt relatively comfortable doing sales calls and cold emails prior to this internship, however I had no idea how to source leads at scale. Additionally, I had never considered contacting alumni directly for mentorship, and am glad that I learned this skill at Alariss.

Q: How has your overall experience at Alariss been?

I learned a lot about business development and leads sourcing in particular. Although I also wrote a lot of code, the majority of my learning was in the area of communications, marketing, and sales. By the end of the summer I had a veritable rolodex of high level contacts around the world, including a billionaire who still occasionally texts with me.