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    Dean of Students
    Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual Private High School is a new international high school in Shanghai with 450 students, led by principal Antony Geralis, a graduate of University College London, University of Cambridge, and King's College London. The high school serves students seeking to a study in the United States or United Kingdom after graduation, and follows the International Baccalaureate curriculum.
    The Dean of Students works with a high level of independence and professional discretion in close collaboration with the High School Principal in carrying out the school’s academic and behaviour programmes. As a trained and experienced professional, the Dean of Students understands and responds to the challenges presented by the diverse student population The Dean of Students provides proactive leadership to engage all stakeholders in the delivery of programs and services to support the students’ academic achievement, personal and social development. The Dean of Students works coordinates the Student Support Services Department and cooperatively liaises with staff, students, and parents towards a positive school climate.
    • Exhibits leadership and cooperates with all stakeholders in the fulfillment of the pastoral care program, in alignment with the mission, core values, and vision of Shanghai Liaoyuan Bilingual Private High School;
    • Develops goals and objectives, and guides planning for comprehensive, developmentally appropriate pastoral care and advisory programs;
    • Develops, reviews, monitors, and evaluates the efficacy of the programs;
    • Has the full oversight of the school’s residential life program;
    • Has the full oversight of the school’s ASAs (CCAs & ECAs) program;
    • Has the full oversight of the school Student Support Services Department (SSS);
    • Counsels students with social and emotional issues as needed, individually and/ or in group settings as appropriate and assists them in establishing high standards of conduct;
    • Manages simple, common discipline issues in collaboration with the Mentors (Homeroom Teachers);
    • Manages serious discipline issues in collaboration with the High School Principal;
    • Assists in the management of severe discipline issues in collaboration with the High School Principal and in consultation with the Heads of School;
    • Facilitates and mediates conflicts/ points of contention between teachers, parents, and other students;
    • Maintains up to date, comprehensive disciplinary records and Investigates, adjudicates, and monitors infractions of the school code in the form of progressive disciplines such as detentions, classroom referrals, in and out of school suspensions in collaboration with the Mentors (Homeroom Teachers), the Programme Coordinators and the High School Principal;
    • Monitors and coordinates student work during detention and/ or suspension (in and out of school);
    • Investigates student attendance issues, addresses accordingly, and maintains records of all absences and justifications;
    • Coordinates with outside organizations and agencies with regards to student health, safety, and well-being;
    • Actively liaises with the OLC (Optimal Learning Centre) in gathering data and preparing student IEPs and/or behavior plans;
    • Designs and organizes student orientation and transition programs in collaboration with the High School Principal and/or the Programme Coordinators;
    • Promotes international-mindedness and intercultural literacy; • Actively contributes to the development and implementation of a school-wide personal, social and physical education (health) curriculum including the planning and curriculum of the high school advisory program;
    • Coordinates workshops for students, parents, and faculty regarding issues of interest and/ or need; • Assists with staff professional development and training;
    • Coordinates and facilitates student government processes (Student Council);
    • Attends all necessary meetings as determined by the High School Principal;
    • Assists in the review of handbooks and guides;
    • Contributes regularly to all school publications;
    • Organizes career-related events for students;
    • Keeps accurate and up-to-date records on individual student issues and progress;
    • Maintains a system of record-keeping in collaboration with the Academic Office;
    • Develops a budget for counseling needs, and oversees orders according to the budget;
    • Establishes and maintains collegial relationships with other school counselors in Shanghai;
    • Continues to learn and grow as a professional by participating in relevant workshops and conferences;
    • Contributes to school policy development;
    • Assists in the implementation of the school’s Child Protection Programme (including professional development for staff, developing classroom lessons related to child protection, reviewing and periodically modifying and updating the school’s Child Protection Policy);
    • Collaborates with the High School Principal on logistics for graduation events;
    • Coordinates the Alumni Association;
    • Performs such other duties as may be assigned by the High School Principal and/ or Heads of School;
    • Informs staff when necessary and appropriate of conditions affecting student performance;
    • Attends the weekly AMT meeting, as well as other meetings as/ if needed;
    • Serves as liaison between the school and home;
    • Supervises and evaluates the Student Support Services Department. Academic counseling duties and responsibilities:
    • Orients new students after acceptance to KLIA, and attends admissions interviews in special cases;
    • Advises students on graduation requirements, and career options and choices;
    • Organizes and keeps records for Kid Chat which addresses students’ academic and/ or behavioral needs;
    • Participates and contributes in school-parent meetings/ presentations, such as: Meet the Teachers Night, PTA Meetings and events, information sessions for Pre DP and DP. University and career counseling duties and responsibilities:
    • Monitors student development and performance for university counseling purposes;
    • Supervises and guides the college/ university admissions process;
    • Advises students on the college/ university application process, including essay writing, college admissions tests, extracurricular activities, and other requirements;
    • Promotes the effective use of the Common App and UCAS platforms to assist students in post-secondary choices;
    • Coordinates visits to relevant college/ university fairs;
    • Schedules, announce, and hosts all college/ university visits to the school, and organizes application workshops for students and their parents;
    • Schedules meetings with all incoming DP Year 1 student regarding college/ university planning;
    • Prepares and updates the school profile for dissemination to colleges and universities with the assistance of the Business Office (Marketing & Admissions Department);
    • Advises students on financial aid, scholarships, and summer study programs;
    • Organises and occasionally leads summer study programs;
    • Orders and administers PSAT testing for grade 10 and 11 of 12, as well as 11 and 12 of 13 students in October of each year;
    • Advises, coordinates, and administers SAT I and II testing in collaboration with the Teaching, Learning & Assessment Coordinator;
    • Writes letters of recommendation to accompany college/ university applications and provides support to teachers in writing recommendations as/ if needed.
    • Bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized/ accredited university (required)
    • Professional certificate/ license (required)
    • Advanced degree in Counseling and/ or Education 10 years of relevant experience in counseling in education overall Minimum 4 years of relevant university counseling experience in education (required)
    • Minimum 2 years of relevant administrative experience in education (required)
    • Relevant experience in IB schools (preferred)
    • Relevant experience with IELTS/ TOEFL, SATs, and standardized testing in general (preferred)
    • English language competency (oral and written): Native/ near native (for international hires – required), proficient (for national hires - preferred)
    • Chinese language competency (oral and written): Native/ near native (for national hires – required), proficient (for international hires - preferred)
    • P. R. China work permit and visa minimum requirements (for international hires – required)

    January 27, 2021

    Shanghai, China

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