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Signing Up for Alariss [Candidates]

October 1, 2021

At Alariss, we aim to effectively connect emerging market tech companies with local sales and business development talent. In order to do this, we created a user-friendly, straightforward platform for both employers and candidates. In this article, we will go through how to sign up for Alariss as a candidate. It’s easy, convenient, and immediate.

The first step, whether you are an employer or candidate, is to visit 

Once you reach this page, sign up for free by registering with your LinkedIn page or using your email address. 

PRO TIP: As a candidate, make sure to update your LinkedIn profile with your most recent profile pictures, experiences, whether that be work, volunteer, or other experiences that you would like to highlight. Candidates with incomplete or outdated profiles are sometimes not able to put their best foot forward in representing themselves in being considered for a role. 

After receiving a link in your confirmation email, you will be asked to set up your account. We will first go through the process for setting up an account from the candidate’s perspective:

For Candidates

Say you are a candidate who is interested in applying for a job through Alariss. Through the same platform, you can create a profile, include your information and preferences, and have access to job opportunities currently available on the platform. 

First, you will be asked to provide the basics— name, experience level, where you are based, and language(s). 

After completing this, you will create a headline and bio. This is an opportunity to include information that is unique and interesting to employers, so we recommend writing a bio that lets employers know who you are, what you are passionate about, and what you’re looking for. 

After putting in information about your education, work experience, and preferences for compensation, the last step is to complete the “Final details” section. Here, you will upload a profile photo of yourself, attach your Linkedin page, and include your phone number. You also have the opportunity to include your resume. 

Again, before submitting, we highly recommend taking a pass at your Linkedin profile and updating it with your most recent experiences. By doing this, employers can get a representative look at your candidacy. 

There you have it; that’s how to get set up with Alariss whether you’re looking for a job or looking for people to hire. Our platform is designed to be smooth and simple, and with it, we’re making it easier to bring together bright talent with top-tier companies.

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