Nicholas Manske



Nicholas Manske – CTO & Co-Founder – Alariss Global

Nicholas Manske was previously a diplomat for the U.S. Department of State working in Asia, the Middle East, and Washington DC. As a diplomat, he was tasked with advancing US economic negotiations, foreign investments, and international entrepreneurship initiatives, including coordinating $500 million of financing for a Middle Eastern government in conjunction with J.P. Morgan; coordinating technical linkages between top U.S. universities and emerging market universities; allocating U.S. STEMM scholarships for hundreds of emerging market students; organizing the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), a preeminent annual gathering that convenes entrepreneurs, investors, and their supporters globally; and serving as U.S. Consul during the Arab Spring in the midst of terrorist attacks. He was also the founder of Verdiq, a social polling and news aggregation website. 


Harvard University, BA


Peking University, 2008-2009