Can you explain more?

Alariss is a premium executive search firm focused on hiring US-based sales and marketing executives for international tech companies.  Our clients demand top talent, tailored to their needs. We are looking for exceptionally talented sourcers and we will provide exceptional pay for top performance. Our compensation model is entirely commission based and our commission structure is as follows: 

  • $10 when your candidate books a vetting call with our recruiting team and meets the specifications defined in the job description. 
  • $20 if our client books your candidate for a first-round interview. 
  • $100 + a fixed percentage of the candidate’s first year salary if the candidate is hired.

You are only responsible for getting the candidate to book a call with our team and we handle the rest. Our commissions are competitive and in order to work for us you must be too. Our company is looking for highly skilled and experienced sourcers.  We require the following: 

  • You must have a LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account. Specifically, you must upload a screenshot verifying that you have one. 
  • You must provide a link to your LinkedIn profile and must have at least 2 years of experience sourcing US-based candidates. 
  • You must have good English language skills. 
  • Each week at least 70% of the candidates you send to your manager must be approved (to be approved they must meet the specifications defined in the job description). Our firm emphasizes quality over quantity and you are expected to deliver extremely high quality candidates. We are looking for extremely motivated sourcers with a can-do attitude who are excited to work in a fast paced environment with the potential for huge commissions. If you fail to meet this 70% threshold of approved candidates, your employment will be terminated.

We strongly prefer the following: 

  • You have experience sourcing US-based sales and marketing professionals. 
  • You have prior experience sourcing for roles in either EdTech, HealthTech, AI/ML or FinTech. 
Do you offer a base salary?

Top performing sourcers will be promoted to work internally with Alariss and will be rewarded with a base salary. You’ll work in a small pod of sourcing professionals focused on a specific tech vertical and managed by one of our US team members.