How to Expand to the USA from Canada

Canada to America

Canada’s tech scene is growing, and given Canada’s proximity to the U.S. and the size of the U.S. market, it’s a good time for Canadian startups to expand into the U.S. While Canadians have a huge advantage over other international companies expanding into the U.S. because there is no language or time zone barrier, there are still massive structural, cultural, and legal hurdles to overcome.

The U.S. is comprised of 50 states, with unique local labor laws and practices. And the culture, especially in sales and marketing, differs significantly.

Check out some of our insights below on considerations that companies from Canada need to consider when entering the US market.

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If you’re ready to hire business development talent to expand your Canada tech business into the U.S., you can request a proposal today. Alariss helps by matching you to a skilled business development or sales professional with the industry experience and American networks to help you grow your revenue immediately.

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Owais Nasar Headshot Alariss testimonial canada expansion to USA
Principal Consultant at Impact Consulting Group, Toronto

Owais Nasar

LinkedIn "The US market has never been more lucrative for Canadian tech startups. Expanding into the US is the next logical step for many Canadian tech startups. However, finding the right US talent can be a long and costly process. Alariss can match you with reputable local US talent who have the cultural sensitivity to work with global companies."

Ranbor Li Testimonial Canada expansion to USA via Alariss
Senior Associate at Flow Capital, Toronto

Ranbor Li

LinkedIn "The US is the natural choice for Canadian tech startups looking to expand globally, but despite low geographic, cultural, and language barriers, breaking into the US market is often quite challenging. Having a partner like Alariss, makes the process much easier and accessible for Canadian startups. Having a partner like Alariss, who can match Canadian employers with high quality talent in the US, can be a real game-changer."

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