How to Expand to the USA from Singapore

Singapore to America

Singapore’s tech industry is growing quickly. Companies in fintech and other sectors are growing rapidly in Singapore. The US is a natural destination for ambitious Singaporean companies. Singaporean companies already possess an edge over firms in other countries with ambitions to expand into the US: English language fluency and familiarity with the British common law regulatory environment. The US is the largest economy in the world, which makes it a great market to enter. Alariss already works with companies in Singapore, including XinFin, a blockchain platform.

You can check out an article that Joyce Zhang Gray, Alariss Global’s CEO, wrote for the Singapore Global Network here.

Check out some of our insights below on considerations that companies from Singapore need to consider when entering the US market.

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If you’re ready to hire business development talent to expand your Singapore tech business into the U.S., you can request a proposal today. Alariss helps by matching you to a skilled business development or sales professional with the industry experience and American networks to help you grow your revenue immediately.

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Head of Talent Acquisition at XinFin

Sebastian Eelbode

“Pretty much everything has been great with [Alariss]. The speed, the accuracy, all of it… [Alariss has] been awesome, and I really enjoy working with [Alariss].” LinkedIn

shiyan koh
Managing Partner at Hustle Fund

Shiyan Koh

"Many Singaporean companies aspire to enter the US market - it can be hard to set up a new office and hire a team in an unfamiliar market. Alariss offers a vetted, high-quality talent network, while also taking away the pain and hassle of setting up additional back-office resources for payroll. Why not take the chance to accelerate your international expansion?" LinkedIn

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