User Agreement

Effective March 31, 2021
This User Agreement (this “Agreement”) is a contract between you (“you” or “User”) and Alariss Global Global Inc. (“Alariss Global,” “we,” or “us”). You must read, agree to, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement to be a User of our website located at or any part of the rest of the Site.
Alariss Global is a marketplace where Clients and Business Development Professionals can identify each other and advertise, buy, and sell Business Development Professional Services online. Subject to the Terms of Service, Alariss Global provides the Site Services to Users, including hosting and maintaining the Site, facilitating the formation of Service Contracts, and assisting Users in resolving disputes which may arise in connection with those Service Contracts.
Payment Terms
When a User enters a Service Contract, the User uses the Site to invoice and pay any amounts owed under the Service Contract, equivalent to the hourly rate multiplied by the weekly hourly limit agreed to between Alariss Global and Client in advance and established in writing.  
Payments are processed by credit card or bank transfer on a weekly basis, and are due within five business days of an Alariss Global invoice.
If your Business Development Professional successfully closes a new contract for a Client, you'll also pay a ten percent commission on all revenue generated by that new contract for the next 12 months since the first date of payment. After 12 months, you are no longer responsible for paying commissions for that contract. Commissions are due within seven business days of the contract revenue arriving in your bank account, unless the cumulative commission size is under $5,000 USD in which case payment is due on a monthly basis.
This is an on-demand service. Your Business Development Professional may be terminated at any time immediately, with no obligation for purchases of future services. Terminations must be made either directly on the platform or in writing by email to [email protected]
By way of illustration and not in limitation of the foregoing, you agree not to:
  • Offer or solicit or accept any offer or solicitation from parties identified through the Alariss Global Website (the Site) to contract, hire, invoice, pay, or receive payment in any manner other than through the Site.
  • Invoice or report on the Site or in a Conversion Fee request an invoice or payment amount lower than that actually agreed, made, or received between Users.
  • Refer a User you identified on the Site to a third-party who is not a User of the Site for purposes of making or receiving payments other than through the Site.
You agree to notify Alariss Global immediately if a person suggests to you making or receiving payments other than through the Site in violation of this Section or if you receive unsolicited contact outside of the Site.
You acknowledge and agree that a violation of any provision in this Section is a material breach of the Terms of Service. If you refuse to accept any new version of the Terms of Service or elect not to comply with certain conditions of using the Site, such as minimum rates supported on the Site, and therefore choose to cease using the Site, you may pay the Conversion Fee for each other User you wish to continue working with on whatever terms you agree after you cease using the Site.
Opting Out
If you choose to leave the Alariss Global platform and still work with your Alariss Global Business Development Professional, you may only opt out of the obligations in the previous non-disintermediation section if you pay Alariss Global a Conversion Fee.
You agree that the Conversion Fee is 20% of the estimated earnings over a twelve (12) month period, which is calculated by taking the Hourly Rate (defined below) and multiplying it by 2,080. “Hourly Rate” means the highest of (a) the highest hourly rate charged by the Freelancer on any Service Contract, if any; (b) the highest hourly rate proposed by the Business Development Professional in any proposal, if any; or (c) the hourly rate in the Business Development Professional’s profile.
To inquire about or pay the Conversion Fee, send an email message to [email protected].
You understand and agree that if Alariss determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated our clauses on non-disintermediation, Alariss or its Affiliates may, to the maximum extent permitted by law (x) charge your Payment Method the Conversion Fee (including interest) if permitted by law or send you an invoice for the Conversion Fee (including interest), which you agree to pay within 30 days, (y) close your Account and revoke your authorization to use the Site and Site Services, and/or (z) charge you for all losses and costs (including any and all time of Alariss’s employees) and reasonable expenses (including attorneys’ fees) related to investigating such breach and collecting such fees.
Alariss Global and your Sales Expert will not discuss, comment upon, disparage, share, or disclose any information, in any manner or form, directly or indirectly, to any person or other entity the nature of your business, prospective clients, clients, leads, intellectual property (IP) and pay or bill rates provided, without express written approval. Any violation of this section shall be deemed a material breach in this Agreement.