3 Ways To Be Attractive to Global Employers

global employers

December 23, 2021

Working for a global tech company is an exciting opportunity. It gives you exposure to the rest of the world, and it often pays very well. But there are certain things that global tech companies look for, if you’re looking to strengthen your candidacy.

The number of US workers working for foreign companies is on the rise, growing 22 percent to 6.8 million between 2007 and 2015, according to the Pew Research Center. You can be among that number if you do these three things.

1. Showcase your accomplishments.

You should put your big wins at the top of your resume. If you’re applying for a business development position, highlight how quickly you can build business in the US. If you won a $1 million deal for your most recent employer, make sure to mention that prominently. Global tech companies want to see how you can deliver in the US market. To translate your current work experience into what you can offer a global tech company, emphasize the deals you have won so far.

2. Know how the market is changing.

If a global tech company hires you, they will be recruiting you partly because of your expertise. So you should know more about the sector you’re working in than the company itself. You should also understand how the market in that sector is changing and where the opportunities lie in the coming years.

For instance, virtual reality used to be used primarily for gaming, but now it is being used for live events, video entertainment, and retail, and it will soon be used more in a variety of industries including healthcare, education, the military, and real estate, according to McKinsey. If you’re working for a virtual reality company, you should understand the details of how the market for virtual reality will also impact other sectors and the economy at large.

3. Develop your language skills.

Global tech companies like to hire employees who are multilingual and globally minded. So it’s a good idea to learn other languages, especially widely used languages like Mandarin Chinese, French, and Spanish. People who are multilingual earn between 2 and 20 percent more than people who speak only one language, according to the Houston Chronicle. Being able to speak to someone in a foreign country in their native language, even if they can speak English, builds trust and familiarity.

It is a good time to work for a global tech company. Technological adoption among companies is growing, according to the World Economic Forum. Make sure to highlight your execution skills on your resume, know how the market is changing for your target sectors, and develop your language skills to strengthen your candidacy as a business development professional for a global tech company.

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