Announcing the Alariss Global Fellowship

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We are proud to announce the launch of the Alariss Global Fellowship, designed to offer competitive year-long placements for recent college and graduate school graduates to work in emerging market organizations.

Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders

The Fellowship furthers our core goals at Alariss: to empower the next generation of leaders to take on the global jobs of the future, and to increase cross-border collaborations, resulting in greater understanding and improved international relations. These opportunities will offer mentorship, language tutoring, an international support network, and valuable job experience abroad. Fellows will be selected based on merit, work experience, commitment to international work, and potential and passion for changing the world for the better. 

The Alariss Global Fellowship stands out from other opportunities because it provides immersive experiences within emerging market partner organizations, but for younger professionals earlier in their careers. Typically, overseas opportunities are either limited to more experienced hires, or are unpaid volunteer activities. The Alariss Global Fellowship provides all Fellows with a stipend or salary high by local standards, allowing for a comfortable quality of life in the host country.

Another unique factor is that Alariss Fellowships range in industry, sector, geography, and function. We offer a diverse array of opportunities as we partner with private, publicly-traded, and nonprofit organizations. We believe in inclusive growth, impact-oriented enterprises, and public-private partnerships. We care about international development and want Fellows to make meaningful contributions; however we do not limit ourselves to only working with public sector partner organizations alone, as we recognize that impact will take different forms.

Carefully Vetted Global Opportunities

Alariss carefully vets and curates opportunities and only partners with high-caliber organizations that offer meaningful work experiences and mentorship for Fellows. While these organizations are domestic market leaders, many of them are not yet household names and are just beginning their international branding and marketing efforts. We believe that great leaders and entrepreneurs are based all over the world; however, because these companies are based in countries with limited access to funding or a limited network of talent with specific skills, they are bottlenecked in growth. New York City, Silicon Valley, London, and other global hubs have traditionally drawn a plurality of global talent; yet Bangalore, Singapore, Santiago, Accra, Beijing, Lagos, and São Paulo, just to name a few, are international metropolises with millions of world-class organizations yearning to hire great people. Paro Taktsang - Buddhist temple in Bhutan

In the US, Canada, UK, and other advanced-industrial countries, there are many young people who want to make a difference and also want to work in a foreign environment. Unfortunately, if they do not speak a certain language or have familiarity with local job posting boards, they are unable to access opportunities abroad. And the times when foreign companies do try to recruit them, they might find it hard to differentiate between online phishing spam messages and an earnest recruitment outreach from a quality organization. 

This clear market gap is where Alariss comes in. Alariss seeks to bridge this divide, connecting Fellows with organizations that are a good match for their skills, interests, and geographic region of preference. These placements provide Fellows with valuable work skills, leadership, and global experiences, while providing the organizations with much-needed talent that they would be unable to access otherwise. In this mutually beneficial match, both sides win. 

What Alariss Global Fellows Will Do

Alariss Global Fellows can have a large and positive impact on these partner organizations, especially as some have never yet hired foreign talent. Given that most fellows are relatively early in their careers, these international experiences will be unique “step-up” roles, while providing an immersive cultural and linguistic environment. Many past Fellows studied a foreign language in school, have parents or relatives who are immigrants, or were in general curious about living and working abroad. A one-year Fellowship is the ideal avenue through which they can stretch their limits and decide whether or not working abroad will become a longer career trend or just a momentary experience for them. 

Fellows who perform well are given the chance to renew their contracts, and can become full-time employees of the host organization when applicable. Many host organizations would like for Fellows to build their long-term careers within the organization, but they recognize that living abroad might be stressful and not the best fit for all employees. The Fellowship provides a low-risk way for both sides to determine if there is indeed a more permanent mutual fit. 

If you, or someone you know, is a global citizen eager to make a difference in the world, please encourage them to apply for the Alariss Global Fellowship! And if you are a hiring manager looking to attract great overseas talent, please reach out to us directly on our client page.


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