How Alariss Global Is Reshoring Jobs to the American Heartland

reshoring jobs american heartland

March 8, 2022

While the pervasive trend seems to be offshoring jobs in search of cheaper labor abroad, at Alariss Global, we are reshoring jobs to the American heartland. We see that our country’s greatest asset is its people, and for too long, people have been confined to their immediate geography for employment prospects. But now, with the future of work and the proliferation of virtual jobs, that is no longer the case, and we are proud to connect Americans living outside the major coastal centers with great jobs at international tech companies.

We are proud to introduce great people like Von Dorjevski, to great companies like SwitchOn, an AI company for manufacturing based in India. Von works with colleagues in Bangalore while living in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan as SwitchOn’s head of client solutions.

We also work with Tim Anson-Pritchard, who grew up in Vermont and went to college in New Hampshire, and introduced him to Goodera, a tech company based in India that is in the corporate social responsibility space. Now, Tim works as associate director for engagement and solutions and has the flexibility to work from anywhere.

The American heartland, sometimes called “flyover states” by those who are less aware of its potential, has been losing jobs to automation and offshoring. At Alariss, we’re bringing jobs back. Our jobs can be done remotely from anywhere in the US, so there is no bias toward the coastal locations. No longer is living in Manhattan or Silicon Valley a requirement for landing a high-paying international tech job.

Globalization is not just about offshoring. It is also about bringing new jobs into the US. In Globalization 3.0, the current phase of globalization, people of any nationality and in any time zone can collaborate with each other remotely on an equal footing. 

Most jobs being lost are being automated rather than offshored. The World Economic Forum predicts that AI and automation will destroy 85 million jobs across 26 countries by 2025. For proof of automation destroying jobs, all you need to do is walk into Whole Foods and see the self-checkout machines.

I grew up in Michigan, and I have seen firsthand what happens to communities when jobs are lost and budgets are slashed. Jobs and financial security are basic necessities in society, which is why I’m proud to be bringing well-paying, meaningful jobs that instill people with dignity back to the heartland of America. The solution to jobs being lost in the heartland isn’t tariffs; it is enabling American workers to work for any employer in the world remotely. American workers have skills that are prized by global employers, including the ability to speak English natively. And they should be able to benefit from a global labor market.

Many people living in the heartland don’t want to leave behind their families and communities to get a good job, and they shouldn’t have to. We can bring good jobs to them.

That is why I founded Alariss: to bring global jobs to American workers. At Alariss, we provide a win-win solution where global businesses get to expand into the US and hire US sales and business development talent.

Globalization can and should be win-win. And we all have a role to play in promoting a more equitable and collaborative global economy.


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