Reflections and Insights from Alariss Global’s Winter Internship Program with Princeton University Fellows

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February 21, 2024

We enjoyed hosting an outstanding group of Princeton University students for our Alariss Global Business and Technology Fellowship program this winter: Linglong Dai, Tolu Ariyo, Emily You, Halie Boyer, Ruoming Shen, Alexandra Wythes, Natalie Laszewski, and Gianmarco Miranda Bueno.

The diverse perspectives and experiences shared by each Fellow provided unique insights that brought dynamism to our team. During the fellowship program, these students collaborated in teams and outreach to different countries and time zones, even in multiple languages, including Amharic, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, and German, to help international companies with their global expansion ambitions. 

These young fellows comprehended the essence of Alariss’ mission post-orientation with clarity. We were delighted to receive their post-orientation feedback and are sharing a few of them below –

In her feedback, Linglong Dai said, “It appealed to me that Alariss Global is not solely focused on augmenting sales volumes but also on offering support through value-added services, including education/advice, payroll management, and compliance consulting. It resembles extending a helping hand to newcomers navigating unfamiliar terrain.”

Tolu Ariyo mentioned in his feedback – “…I was able to learn more about global citizenship and globalization. I hope to contribute to this mission by sourcing global companies who may need expansion within the US.”

Emily You said, “Whether it is marketing or advising, Alariss possesses a wide number of resources from connections to lawyers/banks to clarification on taxes, allowing these overseas companies to smoothly make a presence in the US. Alariss not only provides clients for US sales representatives but also offers clarity and assistance for international startups.”

Halie Boyer said, I greatly appreciate Alariss’s mission to assist companies in expanding and utilizing the abundant resources available in the US. I hope to make a meaningful contribution by identifying companies capable of making a substantial impact on the US through innovative products and services, particularly in areas where the US may currently lack representation. “

Ruoming Shen said – “Alariss seeks to bridge global business opportunities by providing international startups with the legal, financial, and educational resources needed for the challenging endeavor of US expansion. Given that global expansion is vital for the longevity of a company, I admire Alariss’s commitment to supporting early startups that may not have the resources to expand independently. Alariss’s mission fosters an international workforce that allows companies and sales professionals to collaborate from anywhere in the world.”

Alexandra Wythes said – “I also love that Alariss is providing the opportunity (specifically to Asian companies that might be under-resourced) to expand into the US – a market that is known to generate a lot of revenue. I hope to help Alariss find those internationally based companies, make a connection with them/build trust, and help them expand globally.”

Gianmarco Miranda Bueno said – “After my orientation meeting with Alariss Global, the company appears to be an amazing place with forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about their work. Alariss Global seems to understand something that many people are beginning to realize, but they are way ahead of the game, given that they essentially don’t have any direct competitors”

Natalie Laszewski, said – “Alariss Global values interconnection and globalization, two very important aspects of society especially in this post-COVID and increasingly technological society,”

Each of them has made meaningful contributions to us in a very short time. Their diverse skills and passion for global expansion and business have enriched our collaborative environment. 

After the monthlong fellowship, we had individual sessions with each participant, gathering valuable feedback. This feedback provides insights into our efforts and future improvement areas. We’re excited to share some of the post-internship feedback with you.

Ruoming said –  “The training sessions and outreach challenges were very insightful, and I particularly enjoyed diving into the case studies that you and the other Princeterns presented. This experience definitely increased my interest in entrepreneurship. Not only did I expand my professional network, but I also formed new friendships with my fellow Princeterns.”

Emily You said – ”I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the amazing work Alariss does on a daily basis and assist with taking notes at Encord’s meeting. During this meeting, I gained a new perspective on insider communication with potential companies of interest and learned a lot about startup culture. I’m really looking forward to taking the experiences I’ve gained into my passions of Computer Science and Business.”

Tolu said – “Through this opportunity, I learned several valuable skills that I can certainly utilize in my future career endeavors. For this, I am forever grateful.

LingLong said – “I learned a lot about the mainland technology startup ecosystem and the difficulties they face by conducting market research and talking to Avistone.

Gianmarco said – “It was a privilege working with you and the team. Thank you so much for your guidance and support!

Alexandra said – “The lessons and advice you and everyone at Alariss imparted are invaluable to someone like me who is just getting her feet under her in the professional world.

We appreciate their commitment and look forward to continued collaboration, learning, and shared success in the days ahead.

Thank you all for being valuable members of the Alariss Global family.


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