Success Stories Transcript: Von Dorjevski Discusses His Job at SwitchOn

von dorjevski switchon

January 19, 2022

Von Dorjevski has a successful global career. He lives in Michigan and works in sales for SwitchOn, a company based in India. He sells SwitchOn’s innovative AI platform for manufacturing, which automates quality inspections, to automotive and manufacturing companies. Alariss helped Von find his job at SwitchOn and pays his salary in the US on SwitchOn’s behalf.

Below is a transcript of Von’s discussion of his job with Alariss.

Hi, my name is Von Dorjevski, and I’m the director of client solutions for SwitchOn. I love working for SwitchOn. They’re a phenomenal company, they’re a state-of-the-art company. I seek out new opportunities for SwitchOn through automotive, defense, any kind of manufacturing company here in North America. And I’m very grateful to Alariss for finding that opportunity for me.

Alariss is phenomenal when it came to finding me a career that I’m excited about. They did an extensive job in communication with me. They guided me through the whole entire process. They found SwitchOn. Alariss is very, very knowledgeable when it comes to prospecting for new careers. And they were very knowledgeable in every aspect of the job description and so forth. They specifically asked me: What are my career paths? What am I looking for? What do they see me doing the next several years? So Alariss was exceptional at finding me that growth opportunity. So they matched me and SwitchOn.

This is a great job. It’s a great opportunity to seek out new businesses, because most people, when it comes to business development or prospecting or cold-calling, they hate that part of the job. But I knew what I signed up for. And Alariss was adamant. They told me exactly what the position was all about. And to me, I enjoy that challenge. I enjoy cold-calling. I enjoy headhunting. So to me, to anybody that’s seeking a new position, whether it’s professional or anything above, excellent company, they do a thorough job of interacting with the future clients as well.

Before I joined SwitchOn, I worked for another company called QualityLine. They were based in Israel. So yes, I worked for other companies outside of Michigan.

I love it. Like I said, it’s got challenges because you know, with all the different time zones, but again, Alariss was superb at explaining everything in greater detail like, Hey, you’ll be working with a company that’s headquartered in India. Will the time zones be a yes or a no for you? And I say, the time zones are perfect. It doesn’t matter because sometimes when you work with international companies, the hours are different. I get up at four o’clock in the morning sometimes to meet with some of our team members. But again, Alariss was adamant about telling about all the different work zones. They described the job description in detail and so forth.

Some people may have known that Michigan or Detroit used to be the Motor City capital of the world many years ago.  And of course, across the border in Canada, I have a lot of resources in Canada too as well. So this was a perfect match for me because I have extensive relationships I’ve built in Canada over the years, plus I have numerous resources I’ve used here in Michigan or actually in North America. So for me it was a perfect match.

Artificial intelligence is a niche market. So I believe that everything in the next couple years, there’s nothing that you’ll be able to touch that’s not using artificial intelligence, whether it’s machine learning, predictive analytics, and so forth. So even from waking up in the morning, from hitting your switch on your lights, it’s all powered by artificial intelligence. So to me, that’s going to play a huge, major role in anything in the economy in the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years. 

Alariss was very fundamental in explaining to me, here’s the perfect job for your past experiences. And they were very detailed about the challenges of the position. And I knew I could handle that position because it’s here for the North American market. They’re very knowledgeable about their positions, how everything all goes into play, what the process is, and then of course what’s a benefit, I’m paid here through their company here in the US. So that’s one huge advantage of working with Alariss.

I’ve worked for other international companies, and they have to wire you your funds. One exceptional advantage of working with Alariss is that we’re paid here in North America. They just wire you the funds. So it’s a very simple process that they do. Some of the prior companies I’ve worked for in the past, sometimes you don’t get paid when you’re supposed to, it’ll take a week, it’ll take two weeks to get paid. But with Alariss, that’s never been an issue. They’ve always been paid on time. They’ll always give you alerts, will tell you when you’re getting paid, your pay dates and so forth. So I’m very grateful for that aspect.

Alariss is a great company. I highly recommend them. They’re down to earth and just a great group of people.


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