Top 5 Reasons Sales Leaders Love Having International Careers

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February 4, 2022

At Alariss Global, we match top US sales and business development talent with leading international tech employers. If you’re interested in working for a global company, sign up for our portal today.

We have placed a number of sales leaders in jobs at international companies, and here are the top 5 reasons they’ve said they love their jobs.

1. They get to work from home.

Tim Anson-Pritchard works in sales for Goodera, a company based in Bangalore, India. He was matched to his job through Alariss. He enjoys the fact that he gets to work from home. “It allows me to continue the style of life that I have,” he said.

2. They can work from anywhere in the world.

Tim, who grew up in the Northeastern US, works for Goodera from Lima, Peru. He treasures being able to work in Lima for a global company. “I like to be very mobile,” he said. “I have flexibility in both my location and my hours… It really allows me to be where I want to be, doing what I want to do, when I can.”

Kate Arndt works in sales for Vanti Analytics, an AI startup based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She was also matched to her job through Alariss. She gets to work for an Israeli company from her home in New York City.

3. They can get a higher-paying job at a global company than they would have gotten in their local market.

In Peru, GDP per capita, which measures the country’s total amount of income per person, is only $6,127 annually. Tim is getting paid much more than that. “I am happy with the compensation,” he said.

Similarly, jobs have left the state of Michigan, but Von Dorjevski, who is based in Michigan, found a great job by looking globally for work. He works in sales for the AI startup SwitchOn, which is based in India. “I love my job. It’s a great job, it’s a great opportunity to seek out new businesses,” he said.

4. They get to work directly with top management.

Kate Arndt, who works for Vanti Analytics, gets to work on a daily basis with Smadar David, the CEO of Vanti. “I work directly for the CEO, which has been a very exciting and rewarding place to be, because I have her guidance, I have her influence, I have her coaching, and I also have the responsibility to work with very high-up individuals at very large organizations,” she said. “She’s been a tremendous leader to me. She is very honest and direct and sincere and a great coach. She inspires me. She’s truly great to work for.”

5. They see the immediate impact of their work.

Working at a global startup, Kate sees the direct impact of her work. She said: “The best part of my job is truly the growth, the continuous learning that comes from working at a startup. I had a couple of goals out of making a shift into this career path, and one of them was to grow. So I love, at a startup, you get to actually see the impact of your work pretty quickly, and you have that ability to make a difference. Every day is different, I’m finding new challenges, I’m being pushed and growing through that process, and that’s definitely what I was looking for.”

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