Why Being The First Sales Representative In A Team Can Help Grow Your Career

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August 4, 2021

Sales and revenue are key to the success of a company. Learn more about how being the first sales representative is a pivotal role. 

What is a Sales Representative?

In general, “Sales Representatives” are the business personnel (or commercial) representatives of a company. They are responsible for promoting sales by introducing products, consulting, and answering customer questions. With professional expertise, they make customers trust them and choose the company’s products. 

What is the specific job of a Sales Representative?

Many people wonder about the type of role a Sales Representative plays within a company. As the SDR position is related to generated revenue generation, you realize this is an important position within the company and crucial to the success of the product. According to the Oxford College of Marketing, this position helps to enhance the brand value and image of the company in front of customers or partner businesses. Along with that responsibility, the Sales Representative has to “perform” several tasks, with the ultimate goal of increasing the company’s revenue. Typical responsibilities include:

  1. Approach and negotiate with customers

Specifically, they will do jobs such as introducing products, closing orders, taking care of customers, planning strategies, developing dealer and distributor networks, etc. Besides, sales representatives also look to the best position for their product to help the customer, by highlighting ways it can improve competitiveness and efficiency.  

  1. Perform work assigned by superiors

The position of Sales Representative is often under the Supervisor (Coordinating Manager) or Sale Director (Sales Director). Therefore, the business representative must simultaneously perform the tasks assigned by the superior. Such as:

  • Researching competitors, drawing up and closely following the company’s sales strategy, ensuring revenue targets for the area in charge.
  • Management of debt collection from customers.
  • Directly brainstorming ideas about promotions, after-sales, implementing and implementing plans approved by superiors.
  • Report work to superiors on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

In addition, a Sale Representative also undertakes many other jobs depending on each company’s situation and devises GTM plans when required.

Advantages of being a US-based Sales Representative 

  1. Flexible income

In today’s economy – remote and flexible work is popular and being an SDR can enable someone to do this. In recent years, the online sales profession has become popular and chosen by many workers because of the great demand for human resources in businesses. Online sales are favored by businesses and customers because of the fast, convenient and economical service process. Especially to meet the needs of diversifying business methods in the current market and the prolonged Covid-19 situation, online shopping is more and more flourishing. According to Linkedin Business, SDR is ranked 7 among 15 hot growing in the job market this year with 34% annual growth. The salary of SDRs depends on the sales they achieve. Usually, the company will apply KPI (sales or quota) to sales. If you reach or exceed the set sales, you will receive a “huge” income.

  1. Opportunities for higher positions

Working in the Sales industry, you not only learn how to communicate well but also practice the ability to evaluate the market properly. Identify well who are potential customers, small customers, big customers. Evaluate and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the company. Know your competitors well to have a plan to make a difference for your company. To help the company’s products set sales targets and be known by many people. Being an SDR can help you to learn many new things and skills that will help you advance your career in the long run and be competitive in the market. According to a study from Forbes, 13% of Fortune 100 CEOs are from a Sales/Marketing background; highlighting the importance of having such a professional background in today’s economy.

  1. Develop a wide network of relationships

When entering the sales profession, you have the unique opportunity to communicate with many people in society. Your network of relationships is increasing both in size and quality. Your wide network of relationships is your intangible asset. The wider the network, the higher the quality, the greater your chances. You will be able to get help from more people when you have difficulties in work and life. 

  1. Enhance strategic thinking and career advancement

During the sales process, an SDR follows the customer closest, knowing their pain points and providing product feedback. Because of the nature of the role, the SDR is well-positioned to develop their critical thinking and best build knowledge to advance their career. 

Sales is a profession that can help you develop communication and learn how to build trust with people. In addition, sales is a creative profession. This creativity is shown in the part you present, introducing your products and services in the most attractive way to close sales successfully.

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