5 Benefits of Remote Work

remote work benefits

February 7, 2022

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as workers have needed to stay at home to avoid transmitting the virus, remote work has been on the rise. 25 percent of full-time US workers now work remotely all of the time, according to Gallup. 48 percent of US workers plan to work remotely at least some of the time after the pandemic is over, according to Gartner.

Remote work opens up new opportunities to workers. Here are five benefits of remote work:

1. You have more job opportunities.

When you work in an office, you’re confined to your local job market, whether you’re living in Philadelphia or Houston. But when you work remotely, you can access the global job market. You can live in Texas and work for a company based in Canada, New York, India, or China. 

2. You can get paid more.

When you work remotely, you can get paid more than you would have gotten paid in your local job market. For instance, your local university might pay communications professionals $55,000 per year, but you can get the same kind of job at a large, global company that allows remote work for $110,000 per year. Working remotely boosts the maximum income that you can earn.

3. You can live somewhere with a lower cost of living.

When you’re working remotely, you can live somewhere with a lower cost of living than job centers like New York City and San Francisco. For instance, you can work with colleagues based in New York while living in Kansas or Texas. This means you can have a higher quality of life and more disposable income.

4. You can have a flexible schedule.

When you work remotely, you can have a flexible schedule. That means you can walk your dog, exercise, cook lunch, run an errand, pick up your children from school, and do more during the workday as long as you put in full-time hours. You won’t be in a constant rush to squeeze in what you want to do during the day.

5. You don’t have a commute.

Commutes can be one of the most stressful parts of the day, and when you work remotely, that’s completely eliminated. You won’t have to sit in traffic on the way to work and spend extra money on gas, because you’re working from home. You’ll also save time.

At Alariss Global, we enable top US sales and business development talent to get great remote jobs at global tech companies. If you’re interested, sign up for our portal today.

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