Working for a Global Company Can Give You More Flexibility and Work-Life Balance

work-life balance

July 26, 2022

There are a number of differences between working as a salesperson for a US-based company and a global company based outside the US. The most salient difference is that a global company will likely give you more flexibility in how you get your work done, because they’re in a different time zone.

When you’re a salesperson for a US-based company, you might have certain sales metrics and targets you need to reach each month or each quarter. These include the number of prospecting emails sent, the number of calls booked, etc. While these metrics can help companies assess the performance of their sales team, at the end of the day, what matters most are the deals that get closed, and thus, the revenue generated with a more strategic and metrics-driven approach.

When you’re a salesperson for a global company, they usually have a clear priority: close deals and generate revenue, speed of execution being critical. By virtue of the fact that you’re in different time zones and in a market they may be unfamiliar with, it’s on you to tell them how you can best close deals and generate revenue for the company. In other words, you get more time compared to what you might get if you’re working for a US-based company to set up your sales strategy based on what you think will work best for the US market. So you won’t have to worry about the less important sales metrics that a US-based company might impose on you.

Because you’re in a different time zone, it’s likely that your global employer won’t care when you start your day, when you end your day, and even what you do during your day. What matters are the deals that you close. Accordingly, if you find that certain time periods each day allow you to close more deals, you can work more during these time periods and less during other time blocks that are more ineffective.

When you’re working for a global company, the key metric is how your performance helps the company’s revenue grow. When you’re working for a US-based company, you may have to work on other metrics which don’t really help you or the company toward the end goal of more revenue.

Because of this flexibility of when you work, you can decide how to schedule your days. Have kids that you want to drop off at school or pick up from school? No worries, you can do that. Want to have a workout in the middle of the day? Go for it! What matters is not when you work; what matters is what you get done during those hours and the deals you close.If you’re interested in working as a salesperson for a global company, sign up for our talent portal today. We at Alariss Global can match you to exciting job opportunities as a US salesperson for a global company.


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