Case Study: How Alariss Helped Goodera’s B2B SaaS Expansion into the US

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The Challenge

Goodera is a company based in Bangalore, India, and San Mateo, California, that helps companies organize virtual and hybrid volunteering experiences for their employees. Their goal is to make volunteering easy and fun for employees, so that employees can bond with their colleagues and serve their communities from the comfort of their homes. Cause areas include diversity and sustainability. They have volunteering opportunities in more than 100 countries, and the volunteer experiences are team-based to boost employee morale and engagement. Goodera provides a Zoom app for virtual volunteering experiences and also provides a platform that helps companies measure and manage their social impact. Customers include Amazon, Target, P&G, and Thrive Global; 50 of their corporate customers are in the Fortune 500.

Vijay Krishna, global head of sales and engagement at Goodera, is a former startup founder and longtime sales executive based in Bangalore, with a mechanical engineering degree and MBA. He was looking to hire an associate director for engagement and solutions to get new corporate customers in the US. However, being based in Bangalore, he was having a hard time finding the right person on his own. He turned to Alariss for help.

The Solution and Results

Alariss connected Vijay with four sales professionals on Alariss’ platform. Vijay ended up hiring Tim Anson-Pritchard, who was director of MED International for MEDLIFE, a nonprofit that partners with the poor in Latin America and Africa to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development projects. Tim was drawn to Goodera’s social impact mission.


Tim Anson-Pritchard is happy with his job. “It has been incredibly pleasant,” he said of his experience at Goodera. “I think that my career prospects are great. This is essentially right where I want to be.”

Tim is glad that he gets to work from home in Lima, Peru, with a global organization. “It allows me to continue the style of life that I have. I like to be very mobile,” he said. “I have flexibility in both my location and my hours… It really allows me to be where I want to be, doing what I want to do, when I can… I would absolutely recommend Alariss to anybody else, especially if you were looking to work a little bit more from home or work in anywhere situation.”

Vijay Krishna is pleased with Tim’s performance and said he would recommend Alariss to others. “Tim gets the context of what we do in the doing good space. We’re into volunteering… Tim understands that space very well,” he said. “It makes my life easier… He brings a new perspective and ideas, and that’s really interesting.”

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