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Israel has earned the nickname “Startup Nation” for good reason. Israel has more startups per capita than any other country in the world. It produces more high-growth startups than a number of larger countries, nurtured by its hard-working culture and government policies focused on innovation. Israel’s growing tech scene creates opportunities for expanding into the US. Israeli companies have certain advantages, including the lack of a language barrier. However, there are still other challenges, including different time zones, cultural differences, and legal challenges. The US is comprised of 50 states, each with unique local labor laws and practices. Alariss makes it easy to expand into the US; we match you with qualified sales candidates and take care of payroll and legal compliance for hiring. We work with companies based in Israel including Vanti Analytics, IXDen, and OurCrowd.

Check out some of our insights below on considerations that companies from Israel need to consider when entering the US market.

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If you’re ready to hire business development talent to expand your Israel tech business into the U.S., you can request a proposal today. Alariss helps by matching you to a skilled business development or sales professional with the industry experience and American networks to help you grow your revenue immediately.

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smadar david
Co-Founder and CEO of Vanti Analytics

Smadar David

"I would recommend Alariss because it’s very cost-efficient and also time-efficient, being able to introduce very high-profile, very relevant candidates in a timely manner and also to assist with the entire onboarding and just managing and taking care of the legal aspects of hiring the person in the US." LinkedIn

Co-Founder and CPO at Gusto

Tomer London

"An Israeli entrepreneur who wants to find a saleswoman, marketing or anything else in the U.S.? These guys are helping international startups find key people in the U.S. They have networking and infrastructure. A strong product." LinkedIn

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