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Ant Financial is a technology company that brings inclusive financial services to the world.
Ant Financial, officially founded in October 2014, originated from Alipay founded in 2004.
With the mission of "bring the world equal opportunities", Ant Financial is dedicated to creating an open,

shared credit system and financial services platform through technology innovations,

and to provide consumers and small businesses with safe and convenient inclusive financial services globally.

What They Do

Ant Financial Services Group, officially established in October 2014, is an innovative technology provider that aims to bring inclusive financial services to the world. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, we are the operator of Alipay, an online payment service launched in 2004 which has since evolved into the world’s largest payment and lifestyle platform.
As a member of the Alibaba digital economy, Ant Financial is working hand in hand with Alibaba Group to make it easy to do business anywhere across the world. Through our innovative technologies, Ant Financial is committed to helping global consumers and small-and-micro enterprises gain access to inclusive financial services that are secure, green, and sustainable, creating greater value for society and bringing equal opportunities to the world.
We do not pursue size or power; we aspire to be a good company that will last for 102 years. We will work with Alibaba Group to push forward the goals of the Alibaba digital economy for 2036: to serve 2 billion global consumers, empower 10 million profitable businesses and create 100 million jobs.



In a cross-selling move that is as old as business itself, Ant Financial also offers other financial services through ecosystems for insurance, credit, loans, credit scoring, and wealth management to that captive audience.



Powered by the blockchain technology from Ant Financial, AlipayHK and GCash launch cross-border remittance service, offering a fast, secure, convenient, transparent and low-cost way to transfer money directly between individuals in Hong Kong and the Philippines.Ant Financial Headquarters Z Space, No. 556 Xixi Road, Hangzhou, China


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