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What They Do

Our mission is to liberate humans from routine, tedious and labor-intensive tasks by bringing advanced and intelligent robotics to the shop floor. We take on the most rewarding automation challenges, across a range of high-precision industries, such as handling laser lenses with tens of microns accuracy, or drilling holes into the floor grids of aircraft.

If you are excited by this mission, join our growing team of international, outstanding (International Physics Olympiads medalists, MIT, ENS-Ulm, NTU, etc.), passionate and fun people, committed to collaboration and proactive problem-solving.

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Remuneration package comprising competitive salary and stock options

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Nanyang Technological University – NTUitive Pte Ltd (“NTUitive” in short) is the University’s innovation and enterprise company. NTUitive supports the University’s mission to develop an innovative ecosystem to encourage innovation, foster entrepreneurship and facilitate the commercialisation of research. NTUitive’s challenge is to create an environment where there is a shared vision of innovation and academic entrepreneurship; where faculty and students are encouraged to explore opportunities, take measured risks, learn from failure and challenge long-held assumptions.


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