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Ufinity is a highly successful IT solutions engineering company which specializes in the implementation of enterprise software and services. We provide the industry's most innovative and integrated business Information Technology (IT) systems for Asia's leading enterprises, including large multinational groups, educational institutions and government ministries and agencies. We continue to be the driver of innovative solutions, delivering many industry's firsts with exceptional value. Ufinity is a participating company of Singapore's TechSkills Accelerator initiative.


What They Do

Ufinity provides the industry's most innovative and integrated business Information Technology (IT) systems. ... TRACK. Private Central Region Companies. Today, the company employs close to 100 developers and engineers with strong expertise and experience in Custom Solutions Development, New Media and IT Security, especially in Identity Access Management.



Our solution strategy provides our customers unmatched benefits from leading standard software and systems, including excellent system availability, scalability, process efficiency and powerful performance.



Ufinity was established by the National Computer Board (now known as IDA) as the Online Technologies Consortium to deliver commercial-grade internet infrastructure services and applications to the local IT industry. The Consortium was spun-off as CoolConnect Pte Ltd in 2000.

We were renamed “Ufinity” in 2001, to reflect our mission of bringing the infinite power of technology to the marketplace (and make our name way easier to say in conversation). Using our cutting edge technical expertise, Ufinity became a renowned market leader in solutions for Identity and Access Management, Single Sign-on, Mobile VAS, rich media, content streaming and many other breakthrough technologies.


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